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* 2015 - LAURIE ANN HAUS --  The Wood Maiden (Single)

Composed by Laurie Ann Haus and  Jason Aaron Wood

* 2008 - TODESBONDEN -- Album: Sleep Now, Quiet Forest
* 2003 - TODESBONDEN -- Album: Stormbringer -- Composed by Laurie Ann Haus

* 2015 - 8DIO Studio Vocal Series: Laurie (Created by Laurie Ann Haus and 8Dio)


*2016 - WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Legion / Composer: Neal Acree

*2015 - STARCRAFT 2: Legacy of the Void / Composer: Neal Acree
*2014 - WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Warlords of Draenor, Lords of War: Part 5: Neal Acree

*2014- DIABLO 3: Reaper of Souls / Composer: Neal Acree
*2013- STARCRAFT 2: Heart of the Swarm / Composer: Neal Acree
*2010-WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Cataclysm on Nightsong / Composer: Neal Acree
*2010- STARCRAFT 2: Wings of Liberty / Composer: Neal Acree


*2018- REDBAD/ Composer: Trevor Morris
*2014- FALCON RISING/ Composer : Neal Acree
*2013- THE INFILTRATORS / Composer : Dirk Elhert
*2012- SCORPION KING / Composer: Trevor Morris
*2011- ASSASSINATION GAMES / Composer: Neal Acree
*2010- NATIONAL LAMPOON'S: Legend of Awesomest Maximus / Composer: Scott Glasgow
*2009- WITCHVILLE ( SyFy Channel) / Composer: Neal Acree


*2013 - 8DIO/ Composer: Troels Folmann -- Song: Skybreak

*2016 -BRAND X / Architect Series - ETHEREAL - Songs: Multiple, (Moon Door composed by Laurie Ann Haus)


*2011- THE BORGIAS Season 1 (Showtime Series) / Composer: Trevor Morris

*2018 - THE GREAT BARRIER REEF/ Composer: Dale Cornelius
*2018 - ICELAND / Composer: Dale Cornelius

*2015 - URANIUM: Twisting the Dragon's Tail: Dale Cornelius

*2013 - JFK The Smoking Gun /Composer: Dale Cornelius
*2012 - AUSTRALIA ON TRIAL/Composer: Dale Cornelius

SESSION VOCALS on other releases:

* 2018   Artist: REALMS OF ODORIC -- Album: The Cimbric Age -- Songs: Multiple

* 2017 - Artist: JO BLANKENBURG  -- Album: Cronos  -- Songs:  Multiple

* 2016 - Artist: DRIFTMOON  -- Album:  (R)evolution -- Song Title: Felix
* 2016 - Artist: BRAND X -- Album: Battle for Dawn -- Song Title: Lumos
* 2016 - Artist: GOVINDA -- Album: Decadence Song: Illuminatum Cor
* 2014 - Artist: TINA GUO Album: Composers for Charity (Composer Neal Acree) Song: Oceans of Time
* 2012 - Artist: SATURNUS -- Album: Saturn in Ascension -- Song Title:  A Lonely Passage




"The hauntingly beautiful, powerfully evocative voice of Laurie Ann Haus is a thing to be experienced. As versatile as it is unique, her instrument helped propel my music to a new level. From it's rich lows to it's soaring highs, her dynamic voice touches the listener on an emotional level. I look forward to working with her again."

- NEAL ACREE (Composer, World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Starcraft 2)

"The dynamic nature of her voice and working style really made the whole process special and unique for me. It was great working with Laurie and I look forward to the next project to work with her on. What an amazing and versatile voice!"

- SCOTT GLASGOW (The Gene Generation, Riddle, Taking Chances)

Player featuring solo acapella,  songs from 8Dio Laurie Library, various soundtrack music and more...




 @Copyright 2019 Laurie Ann Haus


To contact Laurie about session work, interview, or live performance email at:
  • Bandcamp - Laurie Ann Haus
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